Nebraska Economic Indicators

What’s the Bottom Line?

When it all boils down to it, Nebraska’s greatest economic strength is its people. That’s the bottom line. It’s also why we created a website to monitor metrics like workforce productivity, growth, diversity and more — measures that show the economic impact of everyday Nebraskans at work, in action, and moving the needle.

We’ve gauged Nebraska’s status compared to other states across two major categories: Workforce Vitality and Economic Strength. The resulting insights will help guide our ongoing efforts to attract talented people and generate new opportunities for individuals, families and businesses throughout our state.

Workforce Vitality

Nebraskans’ famous work ethic is alive and well

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Economic Strength

Nebraska has a strong foundation for steady growth and development

“Innovation is the commodity of the 21st century, and Nebraska is rapidly earning its reputation as the home for tech companies on the Silicon Prairie.”

Anthony Goins

Director, Nebraska Dept. of Economic Development

“Kawasaki established the first foreign vehicle manufacturing plant in the United States when our Lincoln, Nebraska plant opened in 1974. The reasons for choosing Lincoln: a well-educated, efficient workforce; low cost of living and utility rates; a safe, family-oriented city; a central U.S. location with access to interstate highway and rail transportation for effective product distribution; and a business-friendly regulatory environment. These have provided a home base for all of Kawasaki’s U.S. manufacturing operations. From our long experience in Lincoln, we’ve learned that no matter your background, Nebraskans take pride in working together to solve problems and get the job done.”
Yutaka “Joe” Tabata

President, Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp.